The Shell Gift card is one of the nicest ways to give away money.  Purchases can be made with the Shell Gift Card the same way you use a debit or any other bank card. However, the Shell Gift Card is not re loadable but it can be purchased in a number of financial denominations. Gas is the primary focus of the Shell Card but it is good for a quick sandwich, iced beverage or a sweet treat. Most communities have a shell pretty close to home, so you can count on one being in practically every major city you travel to and most small towns.

There are over 14,000 Shell Stations in the U.S. selling everything from sodas to ice cream and oil for the car. This service station is a fixture on the American landscape and is easy to find. The gift card is a wonderful way to give someone you know a little bit of splurge money, to be used anytime they like. Get a Shell Gift Card balance in $25, $50 or $100 amounts. Keeping up with the Shell Gift Card balance is easy. This can be checked online by placing the number of the card in the appropriate section or the cashier can tell you at the store

Traveling is a great reason to carry a Shell US Gift Card. Plan a trip and have your gas money ready for a fill up. This is only one of the benefits of the Shell Gift Card. People all around the country are giving these cards for graduation presents, birthdays and keeping them for pocket change. Cash is difficult to keep in your pocket when you are busy buy but a card is easy to hold on to. Because Shell Service Stations are operated in prime locations, it is easy to get to the things you might need.

Providing student’s money for gas with a Shell Gift Card is a wonderful idea, they can buy those little incidentals needed. These cards make fun stocking stuffers for holidays or put them in your pocket for rainy day cash. Anyone can find a use for a Shell Gift Card.  The Shell Gift Card Program has Shell Bucks which are re-loadable cards and can be bought in amounts up to $300. These cards can be bought at local merchants or at the Shell Store. The Shell Gift Cards are also purchasable at local stores.

People around the world have started becoming aware of the costs they incur in going about their regular businesses. Businesses and organizations too, are trying to cut back on expenditure and save as much money as they can. Cutting back on overheads, costs and other expenses is critical for businesses and families especially at a time when the economy is still quite challenging. This is why more and more people are seeking out fuel cards. A good example of popular fuel cards is the shell gas card.

The shell gas card is a credit card issued by the firm via various financial institutions. This car can be used to pay for fuel even when its user does not have ready cash or cash at hand. The user will then repay the money at a future date but without any additional costs provided it is repaid within a certain stipulated time limit. Interested applicants need to fill in an application form and submit it with the relevant organization. A shell gas card application can be filled out online and then submitted by simply clicking a button. On the other hand, a physical shell gas card application form can be filled out at the local Citi Bank offices or at any Shell station in the neighborhood.

Once the application is received, it will be processed. It is much easier to undertake the application process online as this allows convenience and ease of process. However, applications have sole discretion regarding their choice of shell gas card application form. Another advantage this card is that it offers awesome rewards. Shell gas card rewards are awesome, impressive and very attractive. For starters, users get to accumulate points. These points can then be converted into rewards. They include gifts, cash and even trips overseas. There are terrific and marvelous. Many users love these rewards and lots of them have benefited from them in many ways.

Those without this card may be paying a lot more for their fuel that they would if they had such a card. The shell gas card has many benefits. These are all included and detailed during the shell gas card application process. Consumers can now apply for shell gas card. It is possible to make shell gas card payment online, making repayments very easy, simple and convenient. This is why consumers are now seeking to apply for shell gas card for their own use.

Shell cards are those of Shell gas stations, they are a product of the Shell Company, that are offered to Shell clients and customers in collaboration with Citi Bank. The cards are similar to regular credit cards, the company has quite a few types of cards to offer to its valuable clients. The product is designed to facilitate transactions by providing convenience to buyers at the point of sale, and otherwise; the cards are accepted at all Shell gas stations and outlets.  They can be used for buying gasoline or making other purchases at Shell Shops — small grocery outlets at the company’s gas stations.

The company mainly offers

Shell Personal Credit Card – The card like any other credit card can be used whilst buying gas or other items from Shell gas stations. Card holders do not have to pay an annual fee for making use of this card, it is free of cost.

Shell Master Card – Premium cards, that come with an annual fee, and can be used for buying fuel and other grocery items from Shell Shops.

Shell Gas Card – The card enables cardholders to purchase gas, and any other type of fuel from Shell gas pumps, nothing else can be bought on the card besides fuel.

One needs to create a shell account online to take full advantage of his shell credit card; the shell credit card account online facilitates several online transactions and enables customers to make shell card payment on the Internet. The Shell account online payment  provides facility to many to clear their dues from the convenience of their homes, or from anywhere across the world.
Shell cards are accepted only at Shell pumps and gas stations, despite the limited use people prefer to subscribe to these instruments as they come with good incentives. Customers receive discounts, or paybacks for every gallon that they buy, plus if the total number of gallons exceed a certain limit card members receive additional benefits. The cards have an inbuilt feature that fetches a point for every dollar spent, customers are also allowed to redeem their points on purchase of fuel, this means they save money, and therefore there are many who hold several other credit cards, but also consciously subscribe to the Shell Card to reap benefits that it offers.

Any business that owns a fleet of cars should consider taking out a fuel card such as a shell fleet car.  A fleet credit card such as the shell fleet card is a great fleet It allows the cars, trucks and other vehicles receive fuel and services from any of a total of 14000 Shell stations at any time of day or night. The card is a credit card and can be used even when the firm does not have ready cash. This is important because businesses need to ensure the business can operate even when cash flow is low and funds unavailable.

The vehicles can receive service at any Shell stations. It does not matter which station it is even though it is much easier and convenient to visit the nearest This card offers businesses, especially those with a large number of vehicles and those in the transport industry with plenty of opportunities. These include access to credit facilities, access to plenty of facilities, low, affordable cost of fuel and lots of others. To acquire the credit card, it is simply a matter of filling out a form and submitting the application.

The applicant, usually a business or the fleet owner will submit the information required and then hopefully receive their Shell fleet plus card duly signed. The shell fleet card is a suitable card to have. It comes with benefits that the user will enjoy. These are also stipulated in the company’s website where there are provisions for those seeking information on these credit cards. Shell Fleet Plus Card

Some of these include no minimum purchase requirements. Card holders can purchase as little or as much fuel as they desire. This way, they can now comfortably acquire the card without too much hustle or worry about any obligations. The card can be used under credit terms and the money repaid either in full or in installments.

All these are amazing opportunities available to individuals around the major cities. This card offers businesses, especially those with a large number of vehicles and those in the transport industry with plenty of opportunities. These include access to credit facilities, access to plenty of facilities, low, affordable cost of fuel and lots of others.

Choose the card that’s right for your business.

More Information at, is a website that gives personal access to Shell Personal Credit Card holders. From this website, a customer can change the information on the account, add users, view and print receipts, apply for a Shell credit card, and even pay the bill. If you would like to open an account.

In order to register for a new account, you will need your latest statement of billing, a checking account which is active, and an email address. If you only wish to add another card to the account, log onto the site using your account, and select the proper options. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, should you need further assistance, feel free to call the following number:


This is the number for technical assistance, and they will be happy to provide you with any help or information that you need. From outside the United States, call this number: 605-335-2222.

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How to make shell credit card payment

If you are seeking information about how to apply for a shell credit card or wish to know how to pay your shell credit card bills then surf through this article. In this guide, you will find information about the shell credit card, the rewards offered by the credit card, the terms and conditions of the rewards as well as information about paying shell credit card bills.

Shell credit card payment

Shell provides various options to pay your bills on credit card. Credit statements will be delivered to you in the post to which you can make a reply; the address of shell credit card payment is Shell Credit Card Processing, P.O. Box 183018, Columbus OH 43218-3018. You can visit and get full page contact information about shell credit cards. You can also arrange for a payment by visiting your local bank or transfer the money through your checking account via Citibank.

All aspects of your credit account can be managed through the shell account service online, and this includes viewing your bills, paying your bills on credit cards and updating any information. Use the link [] to locate the Shell credit card login page. The 800 number for Shell Card Technical Assistance is 1-800-664-3051, and 1-800-331-3703 is the shell credit card customer services number.

The royal Dutch shell oil company is an international company engaged in oil production, and is one of the major producers of oil and gas in the United States. In the US, shell has various gas stations and the company provides a variety of business as well as personal credit cards to assist regular buyers in making decent savings and enjoying exquisite rewards.

Shell Credit Cards

Let us have a look at the shell drive for five card as well as the shell personal credit cards for selected members; both the cards are offered through the Citibank. These cards come with Citibank features including ATM access for cash, zero dollar liability for unauthorized charges and easy payment options. Besides this, you can take the benefit of 25 days grace period for paying off your balance in full, if you wish to avoid paying interest on the purchase balance. The company’s website contains a full page detail about shell credit cards including shell business credit cards.

Convenient Shell credit card login at offers customers the opportunity to handle all their business from the comfort of home. Individuals with accounts that do not offer online access waste a lot of time managing those accounts. Whether it is a bank account or a credit card, having the ability to go online makes it easier to perform certain tasks such as verifying balances and making payments.

With this website, you can manage your Shell credit card account online without wasting time on the phone or attempting to communicate with the company through the mail. You do not have to be concerned about security because the site offers ways to protect your personal data. The site provides valuable information about how to identify fraud so you can keep your account safe.
You can instantly access your account from any computer with a reliable online connection any time of the day or night. To manage your account effectively, you should access the information from time to time and review the status. Many banks require customers to visit a local branch when they need information about their account but this can be inconvenient and a waste of time. With online access, you have the option of monitoring every aspect of your account, including checking the balance, viewing statements and reviewing the account history.

Shell does not charge customers for any of these convenient services. Anyone with a credit card can manage an account on the Internet at no extra charge. Customers save time and money by using this valuable service. There are no numbers to call and you do not have to go anywhere to monitor and manage your account. These free online services are available to all customers and all they have to do is log onto the website from any computer.

If you choose to become a Shell credit card customer, you can enjoy all the benefits of online account management without having to pay any fees. You can view your balance and pay your bill without ever having to leave home and you can do these things whenever it is most convenient for you. – Shellcreditcard
Have you ever wished for a simple way to manage your shell bank account from the comfort of your own home? is the perfect solution for you. This website is highly secured and very simple and easy to use, and best of all it’s free! You can do all your banking online, and every tool you possibly need is offered to you. On this website you can check your balance or available credit, check to see when a payment is due or posted, view the bills you have yet to pay and statements, make all your shell payments online, and email customer service with ensured secure messaging. It’s the website that serves your every need perfectly, and the best part is that you don’t even have to leave your chair!

One thing that pops into everyone’s mind when thinking about banking online is how protected their account will be. This is also a concern for because your security is their number one priority. The way they protect your account is buy using 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of security that is available online, and the website itself is also protected by firewalls that are constantly being monitored. Apart from that they have internet security specialists on hand at all time to answer any questions their customers may have regarding online shopping, fraudulent email, suspicious websites or any other web-related questions. They also offer Citi® Identity Theft Solutions. Identity Theft Specialists will help you every step of the way until your case is solved, and they will do it all for free. Fraud Early Warning is also offered at If any suspicious or unusual activity is noticed on your account, you will be contacted immediately and will be ask for your approval before allowing anymore activity to be done on your account. Lastly, you will not be charged or held responsible in any way for unauthorized charges on your account. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to protecting your account.

There are many benefits that come with registering for such as the easy and fast access to your account at any time from the comfort of your own home. Some of the information you can access on your account at any given time, is a review on recent statements, you can schedule payments, securely pay your bills online, update your account profile and download easy-to-read reports. Account online is also free which makes it all the more better because this allows everyone to be a part of it. Also, just because you have registered for account online, it does not mean that you will not receive paper statements, they will in fact be sent to you mailing address on file. is a great simple and easy way to manage your Shell banking account from the comfort of your own home. Not only is it easily accessible to everyone and completely secure, it is also free of charge. It provides its customers with excellent service and meets their every need. is the solution that everyone who wants simple and quick Shell banking, is looking for.