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Shell cards are those of Shell gas stations, they are a product of the Shell Company, that are offered to Shell clients and customers in collaboration with Citi Bank. The cards are similar to regular credit cards, the company has quite a few types of cards to offer to its valuable clients. The product is designed to facilitate transactions by providing convenience to buyers at the point of sale, and otherwise; the cards are accepted at all Shell gas stations and outlets.  They can be used for buying gasoline or making other purchases at Shell Shops — small grocery outlets at the company’s gas stations.

The company mainly offers

Shell Personal Credit Card – The card like any other credit card can be used whilst buying gas or other items from Shell gas stations. Card holders do not have to pay an annual fee for making use of this card, it is free of cost.

Shell Master Card – Premium cards, that come with an annual fee, and can be used for buying fuel and other grocery items from Shell Shops.

Shell Gas Card – The card enables cardholders to purchase gas, and any other type of fuel from Shell gas pumps, nothing else can be bought on the card besides fuel.

One needs to create a shell account online to take full advantage of his shell credit card; the shell credit card account online facilitates several online transactions and enables customers to make shell card payment on the Internet. The Shell account online payment  provides facility to many to clear their dues from the convenience of their homes, or from anywhere across the world.
Shell cards are accepted only at Shell pumps and gas stations, despite the limited use people prefer to subscribe to these instruments as they come with good incentives. Customers receive discounts, or paybacks for every gallon that they buy, plus if the total number of gallons exceed a certain limit card members receive additional benefits. The cards have an inbuilt feature that fetches a point for every dollar spent, customers are also allowed to redeem their points on purchase of fuel, this means they save money, and therefore there are many who hold several other credit cards, but also consciously subscribe to the Shell Card to reap benefits that it offers.